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The Days are Long....

The days are long but the years are short. OR, what I really mean is... Kids grow quickly, but when you’re in the middle of raising them, it may not feel like it. The day is long when you have a child who’s sick or who was up 6 times in the middle of the night or...

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Grandma, You NORE me!

My grandson is 4 years old. This summer, his mom was away on a much needed backpacking trip and I had him for 6 days in my home. He's a bundle of energy. He talks non-stop about all kinds of interesting things like vortex, dinosaurs and sea creatures....

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Why Raise a Quit-Proof Kid?

You may ask, why bother raising a quit-proof kid? Isn’t it okay to let my kid try a bunch of things and let them decide what they love? What’s the problem with my child hopping around between activities? And won’t they learn how to be responsible if I let them make...

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