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Why Winners are Quitters

Winners are quitters. What? Nobody says that. What does that even mean? Saying winners are quitters probably feels wrong because you remember hearing your parents or coach say, 'Winners never quit and Quitters never win'. That nugget of wisdom came from American...

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The Death of Self-Esteem

How we’re unknowingly setting our kids up to fail at life Confidence. Self-esteem. Talk to any parent and they’ll tell you they want these qualities for their child.  We want it, but how do we instill it into our kids? In my experience, confidence is achieved through...

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The Days are Long....

The days are long but the years are short. OR, what I really mean is... Kids grow quickly, but when you’re in the middle of raising them, it may not feel like it. The day is long when you have a child who’s sick or who was up 6 times in the middle of the night or...

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Grandma, You NORE me!

My grandson is 4 years old. This summer, his mom was away on a much needed backpacking trip and I had him for 6 days in my home. He's a bundle of energy. He talks non-stop about all kinds of interesting things like vortex, dinosaurs and sea creatures....

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Why Raise a Quit-Proof Kid?

You may ask, why bother raising a quit-proof kid? Isn’t it okay to let my kid try a bunch of things and let them decide what they love? What’s the problem with my child hopping around between activities? And won’t they learn how to be responsible if I let them make...

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