Let's face it, kids quit.

We enroll them in an activity, hoping to discover a talent or ability, develop a skill or to simply have fun. But, all too soon, they want to quit and we're left frustrated, exhausted and discouraged. If you're at your wit's end, get answers now with the Raising Quit-Proof Kids Roadmap.

The Raising Quit-Proof Kids Roadmap is for you if you're a parent who wants to cut right to the chase and learn how to keep your kids in activities in the most direct way possible.

It's also for you if you're excited about parenting and are always looking for amazing, proactive ways to support your child in their pursuits.

The Roadmap is NOT for you if you want to spend lots of time sitting in front of your computer watching hours of videos and thinking about making changes.

The Roadmap is made up of 6 Lessons -- each less than 30 minutes long. Simple and to the point, the videos and step-by-step homework guide you along the way.

If you're ready to stop the battles over activities and grow a child who learns to stick with commitments, start today!

STEP 1: PREPARE FOR THE JOURNEY -- Fill the tank. Establish meaningful communication with your child. Be present so you build the relationship and trust.
STEP 2: MAP OUT THE JOURNEY Decide where you're going and what you'll do when you get there. Decide what activities are most important to you and what you want your child to accomplish.
STEP 3: MAINTAIN THE CAR When the car needs a fill up or has a breakdown, how committed are you to completing the trip? You're the only one who can pump the gas and fill the tank!
STEP 4: KNOW YOUR PASSENGERS Know your child so you can tell the difference between power struggles and actual problems in activities.
STEP 5: PREPARE TO NAVIGATE Along the way there will be peak experiences, some flatlands and even some dark valleys. Develop the skills to navigate all the terrain.
STEP 6: DRIVE! Enjoy the thrill of success your child feels when they've completed an activity! See your child's confidence grow with each accomplishment. Watch and support your child learning to navigate the journey from your example. Set them up for success now and in their future!

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Cut right to the chase and learn how to keep your kids in activities in the most direct way possible.