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About the Raising Quit-Proof Kids Roadmap

When my daughter was just 3 years old...


...there were mornings that I laid on the floor next to her and cried with her. I didn't get it! Was there something wrong with her? Was there something wrong with me? Was I a bad mom?
You see, I was the mother of two little kids. I was so excited when my daughter finally got to start preschool. She loved it! Then suddenly, with no warning, she wanted to quit.
First, she crossed her arms, stomped her feet and refused to go. When that didn't work, she laid on the floor, cried and threw big tantrums about going to school.
I was completely confused by her behavior. It didn't make any sense to me. I started really questioning what was going on. I wondered what I was doing wrong...

What I learned from one conversation with her preschool teacher changed my parenting forever.


When I understood and what I had to do with her wanting to quit, everything got better. To my great relief, the crying, whining and complaining about going to practice or class eventually stopped.
My kids completed activities easily. Our home became a more peaceful place. No...it wasn't perfect, but it was much better.
For over 25 years, I used what I learned that day at preschool with hundreds of families and kids in my music and dance school. I watched kids stick with activities and grow into capable young adults. It's been awesome to witness!
Now, you can find out how to raise a kid that sticks with things they start.

They'll get all the benefits of the activities you choose along with knowing what it feels like to:

Reach Goals

Master Skills

Gain Confidence

What more could you ask for!
Your kid will thrive and you'll know that you helped them become quit-proof for life!

Following the Roadmap, you'll learn how to:

Be more engaged with your kid so that you have a strong relationship and recognize patterns and potential issues.

Intentionally select the best activities for your kiddo so that you can help them stick when they want to quit.

Get a handle on the role your commitment plays in your kid's activities so you can stand for them when they want to quit.

Get clear on what leads to upsets over activities so you can be prepared for emotional battles with your kid.

Discover and use a highly effective tool for dealing with an upset kid that leaves you and your kid in a better place and improves your relationship instead of destroying it.

Reduce the number of fights and upsets over wanting to quit activities so that your home is more peaceful.

Keep your kid going strong so that they reach goals, master skills and develop confidence.

Use activities as a way to develop character qualities in your kids so that they mature into really amazing adults.

Gain confidence in parenting as you watch your kid develop the habit of finishing what they start and know that they'll take this skill with them for a lifetime!

You're here because you have a kiddo and you want to give them wonderful experiences.


You have dreams of them loving sports or music, dance or drama.
You can see them, a few years from now, going to class or practice with a smile on their face and being so happy with their accomplishments. They're smiling as team members celebrate with them or as the whole crowd rises to their feet to applaud them.

But, right now, you're worried they may never get there.


You enroll them in soccer, piano, gymnastics, or dance and within weeks or months, they start complaining. Their legs hurt or they don't like the song and they don't want to go.
Their complaining escalates and you really aren't sure what to do. Taking a firm stand only makes them push back more but what if you let them quit? They'll never achieve what you hoped for. What if this is just the beginning? What if you let them quit, start something new and they want to quit...again?
What if the habit that starts now continues and starts to affect them at school? What happens when they have a class they don't like? Or a teacher that bugs them? Or an assignment that's hard? What could this bad habit mean for relationships, a job or college?


You're concerned that you'll raise a kid that never develops the skills needed to grow up and have a great life.


What if there's a way to stop the habit of quitting right now--or prevent it from ever starting?

What if you really could raise a quit-proof kid...one that knows how to finish strong, every time?
What if you knew that you had a plan for selecting the right activities and desired outcomes and seeing things through, at your kid's side, to the goal?
What if, by your example, your kid learned what it takes to stick with things?
Can you imagine the happiness and sense of accomplishment you'd feel knowing you'd given your kid the tools it takes to stick and not quit when the going gets tough for any reason?
It's time to stop wondering and worrying. You can decide today to take control and do what it takes to support your kid in becoming quit-proof for life.
The answers and support you need are right here for you.

Here's what you'll get in the Raising Quit-Proof Kids Roadmap Course

The RQK Roadmap Course!

Our 15 online videos will give you step-by-step lessons on how to raise a Quit-Proof Kid (Value $197)

Easily track your progress!

Our online dashboard tracks & bookmarks your spot
(Value $97)

Want to listen in the car?

Get the downloadable
audio version of the
(Value $47)

Prefer reading over watching?

PDF version of the
Roadmap transcription
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Chart your course!

A fillable workbook to
help you along The RQK
Roadmap Course
(Value $47)

Need extra support?

3-Month Membership to The
Quit Proof Kids Parent Only Facebook Community
(Value $30)

You also receive these FREE GIFTS:

BONUS #1: The 5 Day Digital Detox For Kids & Parents (PDF) . This 5 day plan will support you with the first concept of Being Present with your kid! (Value $47)

BONUS #2: The 5 Day Digital Detox Jumpstart Video--a fast-track of the 5 steps so you know quickly what the plan is each day (no reading required). (Value $19)

BONUS #3: The RQK Journal--a 40 page downloadable, fillable journal to inspire you and encourage you as you raise a quit-proof kid. (Value $19)

BONUS #4: My interview with Katie Woodland, MSc (Master of Science, Child Psychology about about the use of Intentional Ignoring in managing conflicts with your kids. It will give you a deeper understanding of using this powerful tool at home! (Value $147)

Total Value: $697

Your Cost TODAY: $197

Why not get started right away raising a Quit-Proof Kid! I look forward to supporting you!
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About your instructor,
Robin Quinn Keehn

I grew up in a pretty peaceful home, not because I was particularly compliant (I wasn't) or because my brother and I got along well (not especially). Our home was relatively calm because my mom and dad didn't put up with fighting, whining, talking back or crying. They simply required certain things and because they were 100% committed to those things, we did them. There was no room for a fight unless we wanted to suffer the consequences.

I'm not saying my parents were perfect or that I always obeyed but they were onto something. It took me many years to understand it and learn it but when you really get that you are in control of how your kids treat you, of what activities they participate in, of what they eat and when they go to bed, your whole world will shift.

I'm here to help you identify the shift you want to make and take you through the steps and the mayhem that will likely (temporarily) ensue so that you come out with a calmer and more harmonious home life. What if you really loved being at home with your family? What if you looked forward to spending time with your children?

Frequently Asked Questions

When does this program start?

The Raising Quit-Proof Kids Roadmap is available 24/7 and you can start it anytime by purchasing the program and logging in.

I have a young kiddo and we haven't even started activities yet. What's in the Roadmap for me?

You’re at such an advantage if you’re just getting started in activities. If you’re here, then I know you’re thinking ahead--good for you! The RQK Roadmap will help you understand exactly what to expect when you enroll your little one in activities. I’ll show you how to intentionally select activities and outcomes. You’ll find out all about commitment and how that impacts ‘Quititis’. You’ll learn about how requesting and requiring impact your kiddo and your home. You’ll learn a technique for dealing with unwanted behavior and learn how the right activities can build character and give you a quit-proof kid for life.

My kid is in activities but we've never had a problem with him/her quitting. What can I learn from the roadmap?

Congratulations on having a kid who doesn’t want to quit yet. That’s a great space to be in and, I can promise you, it will change. It’s just the nature of long term commitments. All long term commitments have cycles and your kid will go through them. The Roadmap will help you navigate through those times when your kid wants to quit and give you the tools you need to support them and grow a quit-proof kid for life.

I have a kid who's already quitting and I don't think we can change it now.

If you have a kid who’s in the habit of quitting, you CAN change it but it’s going to take a real commitment and some powerful tools to do it. The Roadmap will help you understand your part in the habit that’s been formed (it’s okay--it happens to all of us), and what you need to do to break the habit and raise a quit-proof kid. You’ll get tools and examples and live support in the RQK Community via Facebook.

I have a teenager who drops out of everything. Is it too late for us?

It’s never too late but it’s much harder with a teenager who’s been in the habit of quitting for years. You have two things going against you--the length of time they’ve been in the habit and the fact that you no longer have as much influence with them that you did before age 10 or 12.

If you want to help them and you’re very committed, the RQK Roadmap will help you understand what’s going on and give you tools to begin to shift the situation.

How do I get extra help?

With the RQK Roadmap, for the first 3 months you have a FREE membership in our Community. The Community is a private, Members-Only Facebook Group. I’m in the group with other like-minded parents. I invite you to reach out for support, share your story, your victories and your challenges.

How long will I have access to this material? I'm not sure I can start right away.

You have immediate, lifetime access to this material so you can start anytime. You can also review the materials as often as you want.

How much time will I have to spend on this course?

The Online Course videos can be watched in about 2 hours. The course is broken into 6 lessons. New lessons roll out every 4 days. We recommend that you watch the videos, do the accompanying homework and implement the strategies each time a new lesson is released.

I don't have a good wifi. Is there another way to do the course besides watching the videos?

Yes! You will have instant access to the Audio Recording of the RQK Roadmap as well as the PDF version of the course. You’ll be able to download the audio so you can take it with you--in your car, at the gym, or wherever your day takes you.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee for up to 30 days after you purchase the program. If you don’t see the positive changes you thought you would with your kid, send us an email.

We’ll ask for your completed homework to make sure you gave it a go, and then your feedback so we can keep improving our program. Once we receive your completed coursework, you’ll get a complete refund.

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