Kids quit - for any or no reason at all.

It’s starts young and if you don’t know the warning signs or how to stop it, the habit of quitting will last a lifetime.

Does this sound like your kid?


Starts an activity like preschool, a sport, music lessons or dance classes but within weeks, starts complaining and wants to quit.


Turns up the pressure to quit by crying, whining and complaining.


Asks if they can do a differently activity and doesn't stop asking until you give in.


Quits the activity because you wore down and gave in (it happens to all of us!).


Starts the new activity and suddenly wants to quit.


Asks to do a different activity.

If you checked these boxes, the habit is already being established… have a kid who's at risk for quitting.

Your kid will have tried everything but mastered nothing. Instead of growing a confident kid, you’ll have one that feels like they’re not good at anything.

If you think it's a problem now, it'll become bigger through the years...from going to school, completing assignments, maintaining friendships, holding a job….and even raising their own kids (if they ever move out)!

Do you really want this for your kid?
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Get the

guide that will show you

you exactly what it takes to raise a Quit-Proof Kid for life!


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